Hello Mark, thanks for contacting me..
Your blog is really good and informative.
About 2nd question here are my details:

-Your name (or your known name in the web) : Saket Asati (Real and Known to web,
like to be called as "Turtle" or "BhoothNath")
-Your age : 23
-The state/country where you live: MP, India
-Have a partner in ptc world: NO
-Which ptcs you owned before and what happened to them: None this is my first
-When this site started and how long last beta test (if there were):
Started 25th August for beta (no promotion), Launched 21st September
-What host you choose and why: Hoskeeper for initial purpose, will change to a
dedicated server soon
-If using privacy protection, please say why: Currently using the same security as in the script, but have the latest modified script and many bugs and security flaws has been removed
-What script do you use (generic yob, gen, etc or unique) and why? We using Aurora Script with many mods/addons in it.

Let me know if you want more details, I will be happy to assist you as doing a great job.. Hope you like CashnHits too...

This site was ceated 10 Aug 2009 and has an open whois, so you can find it´s origins.
   General rates are: Click: 0,04¢ to 1¢. Cash out at $0,6 via Paypal or $1 via AlertPay within 72 hours. Free 50 X-Credits & 500 Banner Credits Upon Joining. Referral earnings are 10%. Site has a forum and a blog.   

This comes from admin, oct 21, 2009:
...So I just want them to spend just 5 minutes to read this email (pls lol it took me an hour to write :P)

"Low Earning" - If you think your earning low, then I must say here you just don't get paid for viewing Ads but to complete simple offers and even to promote your ref-link (even if you don't get referrals). Still you can make 2-3 cents daily just being a standard member which is much more than most of other Aurora PTCs and the minimum payout is 60 cents only. Also I am trying to get more and more advertisers daily and now I even have put One 1 cent Ad.

"Why To Trust Us" - Hmm yes I know its hard to trust the PTC Owners, but I can't prove myself unless I pay you and for that you have to be active, but yes you can see that I am active and trying to reply to everyone as fast as possible (at max 8 hours if you send support ticket at my sleeping time). Also you can see latest payments all made within 24 hours. Rest you can see I never hide anything from members and you can even see CNH whois record..

"Do I need to Invest" - You will never see this in CNH. I will never ask you or force you to invest/upgrade not even for advertising. Its my duty to get the advertisers and I am trying my best to get real advertisers. But tell me without active members how I can get the advertisers ;)

The problems occur to every site and we are not an exception, but we always try to minimize them and implementing more security. But yes we will never go anywhere and will always be here and going better and better each day.

So please I kindly ask you to be active and enjoy your time clicking in CNH. I promise you there will be many many surprises and good news to the members..

Thanks & Best Regards...
CNH Admin

Nowadays, 2012, the site is still up and paying.
It is considered from far as the best Aurora site. And really is. A free member can make 8+ cents day.

Paid me 55 times.(until November 2012 and more is coming)
Also owns CashTream.

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